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Korpiklaani - Interview @ Jas'Rod (Marseille, FR) - 25.11.2008

After the concert of Korpiklaani in Marseille, we had the nice surprise to be able to meet with their bassist Jarkko Aaltonen. We talked about the Finnish Fire Tour and some other old gigs. He also gave us his point of view about the evolution of their music. We learned that the writing of the next album was well started, and that the release date was planned for the 16th of September 2009. It was a really nice meeting!

Jarkko Aaltonen (Korpiklaani)
Metal-Ways: To start with, what did you think of tonight's gig?

Jarkko: Well, it wasn't our best concert musically... and it wasn't that crowded.

M-W: With the Finnish Fire Tour, you already toured in different countries, how did everything go?

We just arrive from Spain and Portugal. It was nice because it was the first time we played as headliners in Spain, and we had never been to Portugal before. There were some good shows, and some bad ones!

M-W: The last time we saw you on stage was at the Evolution Festival in Italy in 2006. We really enjoyed the show. Did you enjoy it as well?

I remember that show well: I burned my feet! The weather was very hot and I was barefoot on stage.

M-W: How would you describe your relation with fans?

I think we have really good relations with them. We try to go and talk with them as often as possible. But of course it gets more difficult when you become more famous.

M-W: Can you describe the evolution of your music?

I think that the basic idea of the music has to remain the same. You just learn to write without the extra weight of experimenting. Now we definitely found the line we want to follow. The past two albums were musically more serious. Before Korven Kuningas, the lyrical stuff was more present. Now, the music is heavier, more tragic. I think that the last album is the best so far!

M-W: Did you start working on new material?

We kind of have 10 to 15 songs already written. It's cool stuff. But we rehearse it one way, and the final production will certainly sounds different.

M-W: Do you already know when the next album will be released?

It should be on the 16th of September 2009. A really nice thing about the band getting more serious is that we get to plan things a long time ahead. And I really appreciate it because I'm kind of a control freak! :)

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